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Southwind's Amenities

2022-05-11 Southwind Pool.jpg

The Southwind Pool

In 2020, our fenced-in pool switched from using traditional chlorine as a disinfectant to using a salt chlorinator, which is more efficient and now MUCH less costly than chlorine at keeping our pool water free from bacteria and algae. Other benefits of our salt chlorinator are:

• no unpleasant chlorine odors

• the water is clearer, softer and not at all salty

• the water is much less harsh on your skin and hair

• the water does not cause your eyes to sting

The pool opens every year in May, and closes every year in September.

The pool will be open every day weather permitting from 9:00am to 8:00pm except when the gate is locked or the "Pool Closed" sign is posted (for cleaning or maintenance, for example).


To read or download the rules for using the pool, CLICK HERE.

Southwind Dock-Panorama1.jpg

Access to Lake Trace

Available to our residents is access to the dock on Lake Trace. Beside the dock is a launching pad for canoes and kayaks. All other boats may be launched at Harbor Creek's marina.

Southwind POA requires that all boats and boat trailers, regardless of size, be registered by submitting THIS FORM and the $10 registration fee per boat or trailer. Submission instructions are on the form.

Dock image.jpg
2022-04-30 SWPOA dock playground + picnic table IMG_20220430_163445105_HDR.jpg

Children's Playgrounds
and Picnic Tables

Beside the lake is a children's playground and some picnic tables. This playground has plenty of greenspace for our residents to play sports, hang out with friends, and enjoy the view of the lake.

And behind the pool, on the old tennis courts, is another children's playground and some picnic tables.  This area is fenced in.  Dogs are welcome in this area but must be managed by their owners.

Use of these Southwind common areas is on a first-come first-serve basis, and residents and their guests who use these areas are expected to keep these areas clean and free of litter.

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